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Born in Hampshire, UK in 1966, and moved to Cornwall a year later with my family, they don't let 1yr olds move without help. 

Cornwall, its coast and sea has shaped me into who I am today, I adore being under, on or above the sea. 

We were always encouraged to appreciate art and spent much time in the amazing galleries of West Cornwall and I was lucky to have been taught art by some fabulous artists. Painting was one of my favourite past times before is morphed more recently into photography. The former taught me to notice texture, light, shadows and depth and developed a keen eye I believe. 

I trained and qualified as an Osteopath straight from school and I have worked my socks off trying to help people for the last 30 years with their aches and pains.

3 years ago I bought my first drone, and particularly enjoyed photographing the more unusual aspects of aerial photography. Images that take a moment or two to work out what they are, more abstract from a distance.

I currently use a Canon 5D mk4 for its incredible images, a Canon 7D mk2 for its a fast shutter speed, ideal for surf photography and other bits and pieces such as an Osmo and a Gopro.

I still work as an osteopath but feel I have a fabulous balance in my life with the different work that I do. I enjoy both aspects immensely. 

I am very lucky.

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